Wednesday, February 23, 2022

Organic Inesticides


Jaivik crop care LLP company is a manufacturer, exporter and supplier of Organic Inesticides. These time everyone prefer to grow their vegetables and fruits. And why not, who wouldn’t like to growing their organic product. Organic pesticides and biometric pesticides are published in 1999. Mr. Jaimin patel (MD) and Mr.  Rohit patel (director)  of this company. There are 5 natural presticides that we used in our own garden.

1.Neam leaf
2.Salt spray
3.Onion and garlic spray
4.Eucalyptus oil
5.Chrysanthemum flower oil

Neam leaf: neem has useful in medical and cooking properties. It is also used to be as a pests. This medical grass is keep bugs and also safe the birds, animals and humans. Add some neem oil to liquid soap and add to be spray bottle.

Salt spray : salt spray is one of the best natural pesticides. It is not only helps in deter pests, it will helps to increase magnesium and helps plants to take up critical nutrients like phosphorus and sulphur.

Onion and garlic spray : onion and garlic is more useful for our health. The strong smell of garlic and onion it helps to keep the bugs, chockroches and it helps our plants.

Eucalyptus oil : its strong smell is helps to keep the bugs. You want to some spray oil in your plants then you see the result.

Chrysanthemum flower oil : this presticides is also known as pyrethrum. This prestiside is consider to damage system of insectds and pests. This solution is stored upto two months

Presticides are  lead important role in agriculture and our health.they helps to keep the bugs and increasing the production of food. Presticides are helps to grow the plants today’s more than 10,400  are approved to the worldwide. And its reported to the consumption of presticides account of two millions tons every year worldwide. Many gardeners are used some presticides chemicals. This is derived from the mineral resources.  

Thursday, April 23, 2020

Bio Fungicide Manufacturer

Being one of the top most manufacturer, supplier and exporter, we are engaged in offering Bio Fungicide in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. The offered bio fungicide is very powerful on all kinds of fungus and insecticides. This Bio Fungicide is quality tested by our experts to ensure high purity and efficiency. This fungicide is prepared by using very premium and superior quality raw material. Highly demanded in the market, these products are well-known for their safe usage, non-toxicity and quick performance. We are using the latest technology for processing these products and assure that these products range fulfils all the set parameters in the market. This Bio Fungicide Manufacturer is assisted by highly qualified professionals and hence able to deliver the premium quality of fungicide to our customers at desired time span. As per the clients' requirements, Bio Fungicide is made available in market in safe packing. 

Features of Bio Fungicide:- 
  • Highly effective 
  • Vital nutrients 
  • Unmatched quality 
  • Safe to use 
  • Eco-friendliness 
  • Long shelf life

Saturday, March 7, 2020


We “Jaivik Crop Care” manufacture well-known as a qualitative Bio Fertilizer Manufacturer, supplier and exporter in India. Our manufacturer deal with superior quality of bio organic fertilizer. The products offered by us help to increase the fertility of land and also reduce the pre dropping of flowers and fruits. Bio Organic Fertilizer contains live cells of specific strains of fungi and bacteria which are formulated in suitable carriers. Bio Fertilizers contain live cells of specific isolated strains of bacteria and fungi which are formulated in suitable carriers. 

These microbes upon application to soil under suitable conditions secrete metabolites and enzymes which make the deficient element available to the plant. Application of Bio fertilizers results in increased mineral and water uptake, root development, vegetative growth and yield of a good quality. Our products are natural, organic and environment friendly. By supplementing organic compost with bio-fertilizers, we could completely avoid chemical fertilizer use.

Bio fertilizer can be productively used in cultivation of rice, dal and other staple crops as commercial crops such as cotton, sugarcane etc. and also in vegetable and fruit cultivation. Bio fertilizer provides us nitrogen nutrients to plants N3 fixation and phosphorous other mechanisms. Being one of the best Manufacturer, supplier and exporter of Bio Fertilizers it gives more protection to crops against diseases and reduces pesticides in fields. Our bio fertilizer is about promoting productivity while protecting the environment.

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Plant Growth Promoter Manufacturer

After so many years ago in this domain, we are considered to be the leading organization as a manufacturer, supplier and exporter of certified organic products for organic farming. The Plant Growth Promoters Manufacturer is a fabric which raises the overall health, growth and development of plants. These fabrics can be produced either synthetically or obtained from Biological derivatives.

Plant Growth Promoters (PGP) is beneficial in improving the crop, quality and productivity extraordinarily. We can mainly use the PGP just because the Plant Growth Promoting bacteria hugely accommodate sustainable farming by raising plant health and biomass while reducing fertilizer use. Our model shows that plant approval interaction with growth hormone producers under substantial nutrient conditions, but approval nutrient solubilizer under poor conditions.

Manufacture Products:-

Bio organic nutritional product available both in liquid (Vinngro L) and granule from (Vinngro G). The bio organic products like Humax Gold, Pure, Jack, Micro Mixer, Om-flower, Stick-On, Ultra Power, Spreed-On and so many products can use in the Plant GrowthPromoters. We are used highly qualified substance to produce the bio organic products. Our organization can used latest technological tools and equipments.

There were the excellent quality of organic content derived from lenardite that convey a significant amount of carbon and oxygen to the plant together with also covey hydrogen, nitrogen, phosphorous and sulfur that is necessary for the structural growth of the respective crop or plant in order to promote the growth of the same and these all are Eco friendly and cost efficient side.

The special features of Plant Growth Promoters Manufacturer:-

ü    A natural production from leonardite – the substantial origin of humic acids
ü    Has no Phytotoxity and is completely secure to all Flora, Fauna and even Humans.
ü    Is ready to use humus directly and consequently there is no time lag for decomposition as in
     the case of any other organic manure available in the market.
ü    It is required in small quantities and hence request time and cost is reduced.
Its request does not involve any exothermic response originate heat during decomposition as in the case of regular organic manures and hence the root zone of the crops is not damaged.

How to use it:-

There were mainly we can check the crop suitable for all field crops, like Pulse, Oilseeds, Horticulture and Vegetable crops, Sugar and Fabric crops, Plantation crops, Medicinal and Aromatic crops. The fertilizer can apply as spray type and in early morning hours after the dew has evaporated and the fertilizer can kill the bacteria’s on the crop. This is safe and Eco friendly material, has no phototoxic effect and suitable for sustainable agriculture.

It will be acts as ‘Metabolic Enhancer’: refreshing crop growth and improvement. It escalates crop yields, furnish with proper nutritional benefit to crops indicate in improved plant vigour, root and shoot growth, more flowering and fruiting, etc. Our organization will use the best quality of materials to manufacture the bio organic product and to supply and export their reasonable price. Just because customers could satisfy by our product and our customer’s plant should grow well that’s our main goal.